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?? - 10.16.2019




SmittyMitts came about from the decision to adopt this sweet little senior Pekingese boy named Smitty Mitts.  He was in a rescue named Liz E's Pekingese Rescue hoping to be adopted out.  His age was estimated to be around 12ish, in early renal failure, and possibly deaf.  He is actually blind and deaf and missing most of his teeth!  But we knew that no one was going to adopt this poor little guy with his "rap sheet" of info.  As soon as we saw his face we knew we had to get him, whether it would be for 2 days or 2 years.  He deserved a home where he would be loved for his forever. On September 8, 2019, I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas and we brought him home. He is the inspiration for this company as with his renal issues, we had to find what he could and could not tolerate with his food.  Soooo, no chemicals and no artificial preservatives!!  And so, SmittyMitts , the company, was born! Looking back at everything to do with the start up to even now, there is no doubt that God has had a plan working from the beginning, even in finding Smitty Mitts.  God has opened every door, brought every special customer and has helped build this entire company.  God gets all the credit...we are merely the pawns for God's great plan.

***Sadly, sweet Smitty Mitts took a turn for the worse beginning Saturday, Oct 12, 2019.  He began having massive seizures and we lost sweet Smitty Mitts on October 16, 2019.  ***   :(

Our goal is to make treats with simple, wholesome, ingredients, lovingly made here in Texas, in the good ole USA.  The decor items we make are from recycled wood as we are trying to be good to our environment as well.

We hope you enjoy the SmittyMitts products.

With love,

The SmittyMitts family!

....for the wiggle butts!!!

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